Our Story

Robert  and Irena created Calabro Studios to express and share their love and appreciation for fine arts and woodcrafts.

Irena Calabro


Irena is a classically trained artist who was born in Moscow, Russia and studied at the prestigious Corcoran School of the Arts and Design in Washington, DC. She works in various media including Acrylic, Oil,  Watercolor and Charcoal.  She is currently focusing on Acrylic media and use of color and high contrast, various textures as well as glazing and varnishes to emphasize perspective, depth and 3-dimensional feeling in her works and utilizes methods and techniques traditionally used  by artists for oil paintings and charcoal. Her works include Landscapes, Still Life, Portraits, and Figure Studies.

Robert Calabro


Robert has over 20 years experience crafting custom projects in wood. He specializes in high-end jewelry and music boxes utilizing various domestic and exotic woods, inlays and leather.


Irena & Robert Calabro

Calabro Studios